There are SOS Children’s Villages in 136 countries across the planet, each one affecting change in their communities. The philosophy is that every child has a right to belong to a family, is loved, respected, stable, and secure. SOS Children’s Villages strives to build families for children and to assist them in shaping their futures. The collective belief is that every child deserves a loving home. The SOS strategy for the upcoming decade is to ensure the best care of children, encourage innovation, and to unite more partners with the collective objective being that no child grows up alone without meeting the primal need to love and be loved. 


Shopping Auto CashBack
The Price You See is The Price You Pay.


A BurnPledge is a scaling amount from each product purchased via the BurnGear store. The amount is predetermined and scales according to various factors, taking into consideration shipping costs, product value, markup margins, operational costs, and cost of the product. This amount is included in the price. 

The BurnPledge amount for each product is stated on all product pages under the specifications of the product you are looking to add to your cart. Every product has a dedicated BurnPledge amount… and every little bit counts. BurnPledges start at a donation of R50 per product through to the Maximum BurnPledge of R1000 per product. You do not need to take any action during checkout. The BurnPledge Checkout is an automated process with the amount pre-included in the price of all products available on the BurnGear store. 

With every product purchased via the BurnGear store you are making a difference in the lives of less privileged children. What it comes down to is that the more you put in your cart, the more we are able to donate to SOS Children's Villages (SA). In cases of multiple products, the multiple donations from each product in your cart are combined and then automatically allocated to SOS Children's Villages, South Africa. BurnPledge Donations are calculated and reconciled post the annual AfrikaBurn in Tankwa Town, Karoo Desert, South Africa. The total combined pledge amount BurnPledges are paid over to SOS Children's Villages in South Africa within 30 to 60 days following the annual desert gathering event. 


Pre Burn Community Action
Going The Extra Mile... with Socks On.


Mandela Day is a call to action for individuals, and people everywhere, to take responsibility for changing the world into the place they can be proud to leave as a legacy, just as Mandela did. The overarching objective is to inspire individuals to be proactive and take action to help change the world for the better, and in doing so build a global movement for good. Ultimately Mandela Day seeks to empower communities everywhere. 

Following the success of Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday celebrations in London’s Hyde Park in June 2008, it was decided that it be fitting than to celebrate Mr Mandela’s birthday each year with a day dedicated to his life’s work and that of his charitable organisations, and to ensure his legacy continues forever. 

We have the opportunity to make a difference. Most people take the luxury of socks and value of education for granted. When Mandela Day comes around it's mid winter, and the nights get cold. A set of knitted socks can means so much in the midst of a cold winter night. Make a GiftingPledge, it's as easy as adding to cart. In addition, you can purchase school supplies which can be distributed accordingly. 

#BeThatGuy and go the extra mile with a  The Big Sock Story  GiftingPledge. Mandela Day is the perfect opportunity to help those less fortunate keep warm and stay ahead. Select from a range of gifting options. Big Sock Story items include gloves, scarves, socks, books, and stationery. Purchase a bundle of socks, a school back pack, or other extras from The BurnGear Gifting CollectionDonated products are collected through the course of a year and donated to SOS Children’s Villages annually on Mandela Day.

Email your order number and names of the product you are donating to be BurnGifted: info@burngear.co.za




For Your Desert Walkabouts
The Easiest Thing To Do... Is Give a Little Love.


Beside the one shift one burner concept, what can you gift to friends you make on your desert walkabout adventures? Gifting can happen on a shoestring and sometimes costs a little to give a little. Here are practical ideas for when the moment takes and you feel like planting a super smile on a stranger’s face. Serving Suggestions: Best served accompanied by a conversation starter, try an epic hug or a friendly hello.